Ever mindful not just of our statutory obligations as nursery but also the fact that our children are our number one priority, Castle Lane Day Nursery has just seen all staff complete a 12 hour paediatric first aid training course.

The course was delivered by qualified first aiders from local company, Stockwood Consulting Limited, who teach first aid within the Harborough area.

first aid

All emergencies covered!

The 12 hour course covered all aspects of first aid, from minor cuts and grazes to more serious incidents including allergic reactions, broken bones and CPR. We also covered the use of an epi pen, burns, and much more.

Paediatric first aid training over and above Ofstedā€™s requirements

Statutory guidance requires us to have a minimum of one first aider in the building at any one time. However, when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our children, no costs are spared in making sure that we offer the safest environment possible. It is for this reason that we train all of our nursery staff to be both confident and competent in paediatric first aid.

Safeguarding training

Staff have also recently completed a full day of safeguarding training.

Run by Paul Harrison, who also delivers all safeguarding training to Leicestershire County Council, this was a one day course which looks in detail at staff safeguarding responsibility.

The course covered:

  • signs and symptoms of abuse
  • how to identity support needed for a family who was struggling
  • safe recruitment
  • safe reporting
  • channels available to support parents
  • the importance of remining vigilant for all safeguarding requirements
  • the importance of being vigilant to safeguarding concerns with staff

We have also booked 5 staff on additional training to become a Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Safeguarding: our statutory responsibilities

It is a statutory requirement that all staff are trained in essential safeguarding. And it is a requirement that we take very seriously. Safeguarding is always at the top of our agenda and covered at every staff meeting. We also send our regular questionnaires to staff, who often quiz each other to ensure that their knowledge stays current.