Menus: Health & Nutrition at Castle Lane

All our meals are well balanced, nutritious and varied and freshly prepared each day on the premises by our own qualified cook. At lunchtime, we offer a hot main meal and pudding alongside a light tea later in the afternoon.

Allergies and dietary requirements

Children with religious dietary requirements, food allergies, vegetarians, vegans and babies at all stages of weaning are all carefully considered.

Everyone is encouraged to eat healthy snacks, including fruit alongside the children’s free milk allowance mid morning and mid afternoon.

Castle Lane aims to be a nut free nursery at all times. We therefore ask that parents DO NOT allow their children to bring nut products into the nursery.

For special occasions and birthdays, a selection of nut free cakes can be provided by parents. Please contact our kitchen staff for further guidance.

We regularly welcome advice from the Sainsbury’s local community support officer to ensure our menus meet nutritional guidelines.

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