Fee Structure from 1st April 2021

Full Day 7.30am-6pm
(Includes snacks, lunch and tea)

Morning Session 7.30am-1pm
(price includes snack & lunch)

Afternoon Session 1pm-6pm
(price includes snack & tea)

Extra Hours/half hours
When added to existing sessions

Funding Fee Structure

10 Hour Funded session
7:30am – 5:30pm or 8am to 6pm

5 Hour Funded morning
8am – 1pm
Applicable to both 15 & 30 hour funded sessions

5 Hour Funded afternoon
1pm – 6pm
Applicable to 30 hour funded sessions only

A charge of £4.00 will be added to any child that does an extra half hour on a 10 hour funded day (7.30am-8am).

Forest School

5 hour funded morning
8am-1pm (a charge of £4.00 for 7.30am start)
£8.00 (sundries)

Paid session

Forest school holiday club
(price does not include lunch. Packed lunch needed. Snacks are provided plus a hot tea for those doing a full day)

Forest school holiday club
(price does not include lunch. Packed lunch needed. Snacks provided.)

Breakfast Club 7.30am – School
(price include breakfast)

After School Club 3.15pm (school pick up) – 6pm
(price includes a small tea)

Holiday Club

Full day 7.30am-6pm
(price includes all meals)

Shorter day 9am-3pm
(price includes snacks and lunch)

Late Collection
(per 10 minutes or part of)

At Castle Lane Day Nursery, we try to be as flexible as possible and will always try to work around your required time/schedule. Call us for more details.

If you have any queries about our fee structure, please call us on 01858 468006.