Safe and Secure


Here at Castle Lane Day Nursery, in Market Harborough, we welcome all children regardless of sex, race, ethnic or national origins, religion, colour, disability or creed.

The availability of spaces is based on the age of the child, staff/child ratios and the registration requirements.

To secure a place for your child we request that you complete our application form and send or hand it back to us.

Settling in

Once we have received and accepted your application we will arrange free settling in sessions for you and your child so we can understand their likes and dislikes, and they can begin to familiarise themselves with the surroundings and staff.

Arrivals and departures

Upon arrival at the nursery, every visitor can only gain admission through a secure voice and CCTV entry system.

Every child is warmly welcomed every day and a member of staff directly continues to care for them the minute you leave for your working day.

At the end of the day, a member of staff ensures that your child only leaves with you or a previously specified carer.


Your child’s well-being and development is of paramount importance to us, therefore all staff are trained to a high level in safeguarding.

If we feel your child’s health and well being is being compromised while in their home environment we have a duty of care to make a referral to local social services.

However, we will always discuss with parents beforehand any concerns we may have.

Please be aware that as a setting we are here to support parents and children, our staff are here to help and support if you have any concerns regarding yourself or your child.

Administration of medicine, inhalers and epi pens

Both prescribed and non prescribed medicines can be given at the nursery if necessary. However we do not recommend frequent use of medicines. All medicine needs to be in date and your child’s name needs to be clearly labelled.


The safety of all our staff and child is of paramount importance to us at Castle Lane Day Nursery. Find out how we keep your child Covid safe at our nursery.