Settling In Your Child

After viewing the nursery and meeting with a member of our team, we will answer any additional question you may have.

Securing your place

In order to reserve your child’s space, we require you to complete an initial registration form and pay a £30 administration fee. This can be paid in cash, by BACS or via card payment over the phone.

Once both the forms and admin fee have been received, we will formally confirm your child’s place.

Settling in visits

A member of staff from your child’s room will then contact you directly by telephone to arrange settling in visits.

These visits are a vital opportunity for us to build relationships with both you as parents as well as with your child.

Initial visit

The first visit will be for one hour and you will be expected to stay in the room for the duration of the visit.

During this initial visit, a member of our team will sit with you, in order to complete some additional forms.

The aim of this is to get a better understanding of both your family and your child.

We will discuss your child’s interests, routines, developmental levels, favourite people and places to visit. The aim is to get a holistic picture of your child and family.

Second visit

The second visit will also be for one hour. During this visit, you will be invited into the room for 15 minutes and then encouraged to leave your child but otherwise remain in the nursery, either on our sofa in the hallway or in the office.

This means that are close by should your child becomes upset.

Third visit

The third visit is classed as the real experience as you will drop off your child for an hour and a half with us.

We ask that you leave the setting but keep your mobile close to hand in case your child becomes upset.

Further visits if necessary

As a nursery, we are passionate about ensuring that both the child and family feel settled and secure.

Therefore we will offer as many settling in visits as necessary and there will be no charge.

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