Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Policy for dealing with Covid-19 at Castle Lane Day Nursery

This policy has been developed in response to the global pandemic in which we find ourselves at present.

As a nursery, we are passionate about providing high quality childcare in both a safe and secure environment.

The policy is broken down into clear categories, which highlight the procedures within the nursery.

What to do in the event of Covid symptoms

Parents are aware of the clear expectations to remain vigilant for COVID symptoms including a new continuous cough, a high temperature or change of taste or smell.

As a nursery, we ask that a Covid test is arranged if a child, parent or staff member display any symptoms.

A copy of the negative result must be emailed to the office before a child can return to the setting.

If a positive result is received, swift action will be taken. We will:

  • Contact Public Health England via Department for Education Helpline
  • With support from advice service, identify close contacts of the symptomatic child
  • Contact the identified children’s parents and insist on a 2-week isolation. 50% fees will be refunded for this period
  • Notify Ofsted of the confirmed case and all action taken

Cleaning at Castle Lane during Covid

Cleaning rotas are completed daily by staff, including sterilising commonly touched surfaces, additional cleaning of resources, hourly toilet cleaning and disinfecting toys/resources using Milton.

A cleaner attends the nursery each evening to give the nursery a thorough clean, using fully antibacterial cleaning products.

We also use a fog cleaning machine twice a day in all nursery rooms.

We require all staff, visitors and children to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser:

  • on entry and exit to the building
  • after toileting
  • before and after meals times
  • regularly throughout the day

The use of bubbles for each nursery room

Children are kept consistently in their rooms and not mix with a different room.

Staff remain consistent to each room. Staff will not provide cover in different rooms and will be allocated to their room at all times.

Managers will be allocated to provide relief and lunch cover in set rooms.

Staff will socially distance with other room staff and children.

In communal areas, staff must adhere to our staff COVID-19 policy, socially distance with other rooms and disinfect all communal spaces used.

Drop off and Collection

Parents and staff are required to wear a mask for pick up and drop off.

Parents must use hand sanitiser when entering and exiting the playground.

Children’s hands will be sanitised on entry and before home time.

Verbal hand overs will take place outdoors and parents and staff will socially distance for handovers.

Parents need to ensure their social distance with others while waiting in the playground.

We have a limit of a maximum of 3 parents in playground waiting area and 1 parent in the adjoining alley for toddler/tweenies at any one time.

New Starters and visitors to the nursery

At present, we are not allowing any visitors into the setting at any time when children are present.

Show rounds can either be done virtually or after 6pm. All paperwork is to be filled in electronically, where possible.

If a child wishes to start the setting, the first visit with parent’s present must be completed outdoors with the parent wearing a mask.

The remaining visits can be completed indoors without a parent present.


Staff are expected to social distance with staff and children from other rooms at all times.

Staff must wash and sanitise their hands regularly. Staff will encourage children to use tissues and the hygiene mantra ‘catch it, bin it’ with all coughs and sneezes.

Staff have clear expectation in regards to adhering to strict Government guidelines whilst out of the setting.

Risk assessment

Please see appendix for detailed risk assessment, which will be reviewed each month.

This was done in line with our health and safety consultants.


Staff will upload all observations and care diaries via our reporting software, ‘Tapestry’.

Staff will encourage parents to comment and upload their own observations from home.

Breakfast and Afterschool Club

Please see additional guidelines sent out on 2nd November 2020.

This policy was last updated: November 2020