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Here at Castle Lane Day Nursery, we understand the importance of those early communication skills, from babbling babies to chatty pre-schoolers.

We know first hand that children need good communication skills in order to help aid other areas of their development. Children need to be able to express their wants and needs, from communicating their emotions to pointing or verbalising what they would like.

Private speech and language therapy training at Castle Lane

We are always keen to increase the knowledge and skills of our staff team when it comes to effective communication. We did this most recently with a speech and language training course delivered by a private speech and language therapist.

This course was very beneficial and gave staff additional confidence and understanding about why we do what we do. As this course was so successful, we have booked for the speech and language therapist to regularly visit our setting in order to give staff strategies and methods to help support all our children. We acknowledge that the NHS services are very over stretched and therefore having early intervention is key in every child’s development.

How effective communication is implemented at the nursery

Staff are now aware of how to engage in effective interaction in order to promote communication through children’s play. This includes modelling language back to children, introducing simple words into their play, giving the child time to respond and avoid over asking questions.

In some of our rooms, we have created visual timetables with pictures of what’s happening next, specifically to extend children’s understanding.

In addition to this, two members of the Castle Lane team have had ELKLAN training about speech and language delays as well as supporting children with English as an additional language.

As a result of this training, we very much focus our efforts on offering a communication friendly setting, as it is widely recognised that environment can positively contribute to a child’s communication skills. A communication friendly setting is one which promotes opportunities for every child to voice their expressive language in a friendly and inclusive environment.

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Staff auditing on effective communication skills

As part of our audit procedures, staff have undergone video observations and the opportunity to reflect on their own practice in relation to effective communication with children. We have found this method of observation can be really beneficial to staff, allowing them to identify missed opportunities and start thinking about how they can improve their practice.

At Castle Lane, letting the child lead is very important to us – we are passionately committed to letting children choose their own activities, basing these activities around their interests. This encourages positive communication as the child is more likely to engaged and focused. Every child has their allocated key worker to observe and monitor their development, working together with their parents in the best interests of their child.

Want to learn more about early communication skills?

If you have any specific questions or concerns about early communication skills, please do not hesitate to get in touch with office.