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Response from Castle Lane Day Nursery, following the announcement of a third Covid lockdown on 4th January 2021

To all parents and carers,

As we are sure you are aware following Monday’s lockdown announcement by the Prime Minister, schools are now closed to the majority of pupils.

However, nurseries and early years will remain open throughout the 6-week lockdown.

This underlines the vital role that nurseries play in both children’s emotional well being and holistic development.

All our staff pride themselves in supporting children through these uncertain times. We have no choice but to trust and support the decision that has been made by the government. Please be reassured that we take this responsibility very seriously.

We will be open as normal and inviting all children to attend during the lockdown period. Unless advised otherwise.

We have clear and robust procedures in place to protect staff, children and parents.

Please see revised Covid procedures in the documents section of our app.

Nursery fees payable during the lockdown period

At this time, whether you choose to attend the setting or stay home, all fees are expected to be paid in full.

As we are sure you can imagine, this has been a tough decision as each family has their own personal reasons for not attending.

The only exception to the payment of fees is those who are classed as clinical vulnerable and can produce a shielding letter.

The last 12 months have had a direct impact on our business and as we have been instructed to remain open, we feel justified in charging as the service remains available.

Should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Breakfast and After School Club: update for our critical workers

Here at Castle Lane Day Nursery in Market Harborough, we are offering a breakfast and after school club for our critical worker parents and carers.

These parents and carers should have all be contacted directly.

If you feel you are a critical worker and we have not yet contacted you and you need breakfast and after school club, then please get in touch.

All sessions will remain the same and if you need any extra sessions please let us know.

Smaller group sizes

Children will be collected as normal from their schools and brought back to After School Club. As I’m sure you are aware numbers will be a lot lower than normal.

We have taken the decision to split the After School Club into two groups:

  • Group 1: Ridgeway and Great Bowden
  • Group 2: Little Bowden and Meadowdale

Can we please remind parents that this childcare is only for critical workers and is classed as emergency cover.

Staffing for Breakfast and After School Club during lockdown

Staffing will be done on a 3-week basis.

Weeks 1,2 and 3 will comprise Maxine and Mandy.

Weeks 4,5 and 6 will comprise Charmaine and Lorraine.

Fees for those who normally attend Breakfast and After School Club

We have had a number of parents contact us regarding fees for Breakfast and After School Club.

Many parents felt they still wanted to contribute towards the January fees. However, we understand that each family has their own financial circumstances.

We really do appreciate parents supporting our business through this tricky time but understand you may not be in a situation to pay for a service that you are unable to attend.

Therefore, if you wish to be credited back for part or all of your January invoice, we ask that you email Emma. This credit will be applied to your account and will not be refunded directly to you.

We will review February’s invoice at the end of January.

Please email Emma as soon as possible to arrange a credit to your account.

If you have Covid contact or display symptoms

Can we please remind all parents and carers that if any of you have any COVID-19 contact or display any symptoms, to notify us immediately, either via email, text (07821434580) or phone (01858 468006).

We very much look forward to welcoming the children back as soon as we can.

Stay Safe

Thanks and kind Regards

Harriet, Vikki and the Castle Lane Team.