Who we are

At Castle Lane Day nursery we currently employ 26 members of staff. All staff are qualified first aiders sand this is updates every 2 years. All staff have completed their safeguarding qualification and on-going training is provided to all staff to insure their knowledge stays fresh.

The staff at castle lane are committed to insuring that your child is developing in a safe and stimulating environment. Staff are all level 2 qualified and above. All staff are support to progress onto the next level with training and we currently have a number of staff who are completing both their level 3 qualification and level 4 management qualification. We currently employ 2 staff holding a degree in early childhood and a member of staff who has completed her Early Years Teacher Status.

The staff team are enthustic and dedicated team who will support both child and parent to reach their full potential. Staff receives regular training opportunities to widen and develop their knowledge in child development.