Fee Structure from April 2018

Full Day 7.30am-6pm
(Includes snacks, lunch and tea)

Morning Session 7.30am-1pm
(price includes snack & lunch)

Afternoon Session 1pm-6pm
(price includes snack & tea)

Extra Hours
When added to existing sessions

Before School Club 7.30am – School

After School Club 3.15(pick up) – 6pm
(Price includes tea)

Holiday Club 8am-6pm
(Includes all meals)

Late Collection
(per 10 minutes or part of)

Funding Fee Structure

10 Hour Funded session
7:30am – 5:30pm or 8am to 6pm

5 Hour Funded session
9am – 1pm
Applicable to both 15 & 30 hour funded children

5 Hour Funded Session
1pm – 6pm
Applicable to 30 hour funded children only

A charge of £4 will be added to any child that does an extra half hour on a 10 hour funded day

Here at Castle Lane we try to be as flexible as possible, so will try and work round your required time/schedule.
If you have any queries about our Fee structure, please call 01858 468006.