Pre-school room

In this area, our staff creatively design amusing activities and games to help our pre-school children learn effectively and effortlessly. The children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn is encouraged to enable them to reach their full potential. This might involve using musical instruments, singing nursery rhymes, weighing ingredients for cooking, counting treasures collected from a park visit or playing at being a shop keeper.
The staff are very aware of the best play environment for a child to develop the essential skills for learning to play with, talk to and respect other children.
We complete a report for each individual child based on a holistic view of all areas of learning and development. You will receive regular verbal and written reports throughout the year. Your child’s final report and Early Learning profile will be sent directly to their primary school.
All our pre-school children are invited to attend a special ‘graduation’ celebration event just before they leave for primary school.